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Cuisinel in the Press

"Life is endlessly delicious and with plenty of mouth-watering food on the plate, it becomes a lot more wholesome! This is pretty much what the high-quality and affordable line of cookware from the house of Cuisinel offers."

"The top rack holds a 10.8 lb Staub 4-quart cast iron dutch oven (lid inverted due to cabinet height) with no signs of bending."

February 11, 2021

"A great one to start off with is the Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Multicooker, which includes a deep pan as well as a matching lid that also doubles as a shallow griddle. Both skillets have great heat distribution and can grill, fry, bake, broil, braise, sauté, without the wear and tear that happens with traditional nonstick pans."

October 25, 2021

“If you want something that’s going to last your entire lifetime (with care, of course), you’re going to want to go with the Cuisinel Dutch Oven.”

September 27, 2021

"Cast iron is nothing short of a blessing, and many of us at Insider Reviews are cast-iron cookware devotees. Sure, it's heavy and clunky, and it takes a long time to heat up, but it's almost completely foolproof (yes, even if you wash it with soap and water, but more on that later). Put simply, it gets the job done without the fuss of nonstick coatings or overly sensitive aluminum or steel."

October 20, 2021

"Cuisinel pans will help elevate your kitchen gear."

June 25, 2019

“Cuisinel eats, sleeps, and breathes cast iron cookware, so you can trust that they have a great product in their 10-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet.

October 19, 2021

"It is well designed, with high, squared grill ridges that extend almost to the edge of the pan so the entire cooking surface is usable, as well as pour spouts on either side to pour off grease."

July 19, 2021

“A heavy, classic cast-iron pan with excellent heat retention”

June 28, 2021

"These skillets have a smooth finish that helps distribute the heat evenly. You can use them to fry, bake, or grill, and they can handle up to 480 degrees"

November, 2021

"Cast-iron pans are insanely useful items to have in your kitchen and these are oven-safe, good for indoor or outdoor use, and are compatible with stove tops and induction stoves."

November 11, 2020

"The brand is known for having high-quality cookware at a fair, affordable price."

February 1, 2021

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